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Originally Posted by mad0314 View Post
With 11:1 compression, it will not be a very boost friendly motor without doing motor work, and how far can NA mods take it before it reaches its peak? It seems to be a very efficient motor; we can only wait and see.

I do not regret buying my 06 at all. I don't see why anyone would, unless MAYBE you bought a '10, but at that point you should have heard about the new motor coming out. Engines have been going up in power over time, not down, so if youre mad about buying a car and a manufacturer coming out with a more powerful engine 5 years later, I dont think youll ever be happy.
I bought a '10, and I am happy as a clam. The 5.0 was a barely audible rumor at the time. It has been a rumor for years. Why hold out on the hope that it might arrive? Well, it did, and I am still not having remorse about my decision for a number of reasons.
1- The 4.6 is a bullet proof engine, and has been proven time and time again. Not to say the 5.0 isn't, but who knows. It's new. I don't know if I would want to be the tester for that theory. I am certain it's fine, it definitely makes awesome numbers, but time will tell. I have learned that lesson the hard way once, never doing it again.
2- aftermarket pieces are a dime a dozen and can be readily found for the 4.6. 5.0, not so much, but that will come.
3- I am a bit old school about this. When I see an engine with all the latest, greatest technology in it, I shy away. The 4.6L has it's fair share, but again, proven to work. To me, it means more crap that could potentially go wrong in it's first two or three production years until the kinks get worked out. Remember when Chrysler first introduced the cylinder shut off in their semi-hemi? That was a **** show. I may eat crow on this, hopefully everything in that new drive line works properly out of the box.
4- I got a good deal on the 10, even after putting on the super charger and a few other goodies, I am ahead of the game against the '11 financially. So how is that a losing prospect?

Just my .02

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