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I would like to see if you can drop the ziebart protection plan, because it does seem worthless. These cars seem to be selling well and I couldn't imagine the rebate going up until they drop the 2012's. I decided to pull the trigger on my order because I dont get back until Jan, and my sales rep put the delievery to port in Germany for 28 Feb 11, which means I wont get the car till like May. Yes that is a long time to wait, but I wanted to be wearing my new stripe when I start having a car payment, and also by the time I take delivery I will probably be getting a higher rebate with the 2012's being on sale. win win for me. I went back and forth about ordering a car while overseas because of the nearly 2k in extra expenses because of shipping, but when compared using, it seems the prices are fair. One disadvantage though is I wanted the hood scoop, but because that is a dealer add on I couldn't get it through ENCS. Additonal rebates I know of are $500 college grad and $300 price match. Happy shopping boys, I know im extremely excited about mine.

Ordered V6 Premium, Black on Black, Manual, w/every option available.
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