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Originally Posted by sonny1213 View Post
Arrrrggghhhhhh … no PM's or emails … my tuner, oh where can it be?
How F'd am I , if it's lost? NFI what to do here.
Daaaaaamn. That sucks big time. Think they might at least hook you up with a new one if they did loose it? If not, then they most definently gave you the shaft. I would say extremely f***ed, about on par with their business practices. Give them a little more time, then slowly transition to harassing the hell out of them. Eventually they'll buy you a new one just to get you to leave them alone. Haha.

Oh, and how about it, most embarrassing car you have ever lost a race to? I want to see someone to top the turbo Civic while driving a S197. I dont believe its possible.

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