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Originally Posted by fox_granit View Post
OK about the GM bailout. They used the bankruptcy to help them out as well, but what happened to all the workers? They lost all their pensions, because several years before all this crap happened, they forced the Union to handle the pension, and all of the money went into GM stock. Now GM's stock is worthless and its costing their retired employees their livelyhoods in their golden years. To me this is what makes GM completely worthless.

Now as far as the new Z28, it will match the 5.0 Mustang at best, because it'll still be too heavy. So they've got more horse power, it will still have to make up for the weight. So yeah if I was going to spend that kind of money, I'll pick up a Shelby GT500 or even a GT350. But I'm not cause I'd have to buy 2 cars again LOL......
Actually, before the chap 11/bailout, they did a reorg that put most of the company's remaining assests into pention funds. Everybody lost but the GM pention fund made out better than most.
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