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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
19" X 8.5" Black Painted / Machined Aluminum Wheel
19-Inch Painted Machined Wheel – Dark Foundry Black
There's no 19" option for wheels with the convertible. Even on an order, you can't order the 19" wheel from the Performance Package separately. Same with the stripe; if the option isn't available you can't order it from factory like that. You could buy after-market or have the dealer order them separately by part number, but you'll be looking at $2k or more extra for the wheels. Dealer probably won't do a "trade" as they probably won't have a use for your leftover wheels+tires.

I would recommend against 19s as the tires themselves are expensive, and (so I've heard) you're into the realm of actually hurting performance. Consider sticking with the 18s on the Pony Package - they're sexy tires as it is. Also, the v6s dont come with a spare tire, though in the well (which can fit a 17" undersize spare) is a tire inflation kit (pump+fix-a-flat). If you need to use the fix-a-flat, it will ruin the tire and tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS). You can probably get a spare + jack kit off ebay or from a junkyard, but there are other gotchas to that if you go that route (i.e, dont put the spare on the rear, swap with a front if you have a rear flat; don't use a 17" spare with 19"s, etc).

Finally, if you place a custom order, you probably won't see your car until October or November at this point. If you want your car soon-ish, I suggest settling on the minimum options you want, a range of colors you'll consider, finding a dealer you like and having them search for available cars in the area. Alternatively, shop around dealers in your area (or use the Ford vehicle locator) and hit those dealers up directly.

2011 Mustang v6 Premium Convertible
Race Red, Saddle Interior, Black Top
Pony Package, Automatic, Security Package, Rear Camera, Convertible Boot
Ordered July 18, VIN received August 10 and posted August 19
Built August 23-25, Delivered September 7 (ETA of 5)
Purchased at Santa Margarita Ford
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