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The V6 in comparison to past V8s and other cars gives blistering performance. 30 MPG is unheard of for this level of performance and your ins rates will be better then a GT. Ford hit a home run here because going to a non GT does not mean going to a bland car.

Auto vs stick I think would depend on your daily driving habits. If you have to deal with a long commute in bumper to bumper traffic, you will only be day dreaming about powershifting and downshifting since 1st gear is your home and your left leg will be getting a lot of exercise.

I like to drive with my left hand on the door, right hand on the wheel and a hot coffee or cool drink in the cup holder at times. Other times the left hand is on the wheel and the right hand is on the seat next to me. Shifting 6 gears does not give you that much time to be laid back. I am lucky to have a very short commute. If I lived in a rural setting with nice hills and open roads with occasional traffic jams, a stick would be fine. It only takes one adventure on the road when you are 6 miles in back of lane closures to make you wish for an automatic.

Your option list is pretty much what I would get but with the electronic navigation package. I checked out the price of an Alpine large screen version as an aftermarket and it was not cheap.

You will have a car that you will enjoy for years and years without regrets and if gas hits 4 bucks a gallon, you will be very happy.

I will never forget this elderly guy driving his 1965 Mustang convertible on the highway with the top down. He was not the fastest, luxuriest, the biggest or the most expensive ride, but he sure looked to be the happiest and most content on the road that day.
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