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Originally Posted by iwanagofast2010 View Post
oook, it doesn't do half the stuff you just said for one. also you need only press the reset button, not both. and 2.. you cannot tamper with anything in hec. its only for informational purposes. the only thing you are right about is it that is more accurate on reading you speed since ALL vehicles have a 0-3mph lapse between what the pcm is a reading and it transmitting to the gauge cluster. dont dont act like you know what you talking about when you really dont. have a nice day. i been a tech for 6 years and we never even use this crap its useless and you are paying for it!!
If you are going to be an arse at someone on a public forum you may want to learn how to read and write propertly...

Ever think that maybe "it doesn't do half the stuff" because maybe you can't read what it says? Just curious....

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