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Originally Posted by Modshack View Post
You could also plug in a Scangauge to get this info all the time. You can have 4 pieces of data up at any given tim. Select from these:

TPS: Throttle position sensor 0-100%
fIA: Intake Air Temps (Temperatures at the intake manifold)
fWT: Coolant water temperature
HPR: Horsepower (Looks to be pretty accurate from initial runs on several cars)
VLT: System Voltage
IGT: Ignition timing (advance)
LOD: % Power request
Closed/Open loop: Fuel management and transition point from O2 control to WOT
STF: Short term Fuel trims (Idle % on Block 32)
LTF: Long term Fuel trims (Partial throttle on Block 32)
OX1: #1 O2 sensor output, 0-100
OX2: #2 O2 sensor output, 0-100
MPH: Digital speed reading from Speed sensor
RPM: Digital RPM’s
MPG: Miles per gallon
GPH: Gallons per hour

Trip Data: Fuel economy, Fuel used, Distance, drive time, Avg. speed,
Distance/time/fuel to empty, ETC.

Scan Tool: Code reader and eraser, Readiness test, Turn off CEL’s

I usually monitor fuel trims and intake temps constantly

$159 at Amazon and most other places!
(P.S. Thanks MODSHACK, I got one coming n the mail!)

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