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Originally Posted by aquill1 View Post
Should we keep provoking the 12 year old? I'm mostly amused...

I happen to love my 2010 and would have no regrets if I were able to find the exact color I wanted. Oh well, an order will fix that.
Sure, i'm deployed and bored most of the time when not working. Believe it or not this is good fun for me.

Yeah, I love my 2010 too. Nice car. GB is a pretty unique color. Not too many of them around. Unlike this "*********" that sounds like he never made it out of 5th grade.

Ehhh now I feel like I am going off topic.

The scangauge deal looks ok, but it's not very good looking. I just wish Ford would have made the Tach and Speedo come up on the digital display. Seems like it would have been easy enough.

I wish even more that Brenspeed or Tillmans would come by and tell us if they can use their software to make this happen! I would pay extra to have that functionality tuned in to my car.

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