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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
- Convertible is nice yes, but has the main and unique car is it still the best choice?
That's up to you. If you won't have the top down much, then no, probably not worth it at all. However, I had fun driving through Santa Monica this evening with the top down...

- Insurance is higher on a Convertible.
I think it was about 10% more, for me personally.

- Having a Coupe, I can still rent a convertible if I wanna make a road trip on a convertible...
For about $70/day, sure.

-The Coupe is safer than the Convertible.
Probably only by a little, relatively. Rollovers are pretty uncommon unless you are driving dangerously. Outside of a rollover, anything that's going to hurt you because you lack solid sides/roof is probably going to mess up the whole car anyway.

The convertible also feels roomier with the roof up than the coupe does. However, it also lets in a lot more road noise via the rear. With some music on I didnt even notice this driving back to Orange County on the 405 at 11 pm tonight. The only times I've really noticed it were when the car was relatively quiet (i.e, listening to talk radio) and there was something loud behind me - a truck, or stopped just passed a highway overpass. I've gotten used to it fairly quickly. Either way, a Mustang is not going to insulate you from the road - you're going to feel and hear it one way or another - oh how I hate driving on the 405 between Torrance and Santa Monica, even in PT Cruiser or my Plymouth Gr Voyager, but those are 'bouncy' squishy rides, while the Mustang hugs those bumps and kicks you in the ass for it, like a bucking stallion!

Really, it will come down to how often you will put that top down. That's what will make it worthwhile or not. If you are whimbling on it, I'd probably say you are less inclined to do so.

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