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I am trying to install speakers in the rear deck and having the same problem. I've searched the web for two days with no real help. I have a 94 mustang GT coupe.

I folded down the rear seats, removed the headrest (three bolts), removed two plastic screws, and tried pulling up the deck. It is not fastened by anything else, of that I am sure, but it is hooked real tight at the ends under the side panels. I tried gently bowing it and working it side to side, etc. I ended up creating a couple of cracks and a tear. Fortunately the damage is not very visible so far (a little glue will be called for though). I think the deck would have come out without damage if the car was new, but 10 years of weathering has made the deck slightly more brittle. I also broke off a metal clip in the middle while trying to maneuver it (not real important though). Rather than risk more damage, I would like to remove one of the upper side panels if I can (around the rear window). Any suggestions on this?

I'm curious why I can't find anything on the web for this particular install. Seems like such a popular car and would be a common upgrade.

On a side note, in the interest of maintaining pristine condition, where could I find a replacement for the cracked rear deck? I may be able to repair it, but if cheap enough, would just replace it.

Thanks for any help.
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