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Look for an electrical connector where the air filter is located.

To clean the MAF. Use only products designed for the purpose. This is important. The sensor is delicate and easily damage. NEVER use harsh cleaner that leaves a residue. No brake cleaner. No carb/choke cleaner.

To test if the MAF is causing the No-start, disconnect the MAF electrical connector. Does it start now? If so, suspect a bad MAF.

Why does this work? Because the PCM uses default values to replace missing or failed sensor data.

Next try holding the throttle half way open. Does this improve starting? If so, suspect a bad IAC.

Note, there are relatively few sensors that will cause a no-start. It takes many more to keep the engine running.

Examples include Crank shaft position (CKP), cam position (CMP), MAF, and IAC.

Other possible causes for a no-start are anti-theft, fuel related (pressure, stale gas, blockage), ignition, and electrical (fuses).

OBTW, don't assume just because there isn't a check engine light this couldn't be an electrical issue. You have checked all of your fuses right?

OBTW2; if you turn the key on (do not start) and the fuel pump does not run (prime) for 3 seconds, THIS is your problem. There is either a fuel pump problem or the anti-theft (PATS) has been activated.

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