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Originally Posted by aquill1 View Post
It is a neverending spiral dealing with teenagers.

The 6 speed in your car doesn't make it any quicker than a '10.

A supercharger on the car would easily beat your '11 and I would still spend less money.

Perhaps I should have clarified myself, I paid $1,100 less out the door for the car. Do the math. Since you probably can't, I paid a little over $28k. Considering your knowledge/age I know you don't know the entire process of buying a car. Don't worry you are forgiven.
I had missed this one. Lets get started,this is the price diffference on the sticker between a 2010 and a 2011 GT...... 0.00 you paid 1,100 dollars less out the door and went out the door with a slow ass mustang. 2011 V6 would have saved you alot more cash, and got you better fuel economy. it would also be newer and cost THOUSANDS less. Maybe you didn't do as good of research as you thought.

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