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I've not used an analog speedo in quite some time. Since buying my 2011 Mustang GT, it has been hard for me to read the thing. 35, 45 and so on look like 30 and 40 to me. Also, I like seeing actual numbers for temps and so on. I've just ordered another ScanGauge II. I have one in my 1996 Dodge truck, my son drives that now, and he likes using the one in there. So I will have one for the Mustang here soon. You can set it up to read just about anything the on-board computer is keeping track of. With the 2011's new PCM, I'm not sure which or what gauges on the SCII will work. But I'm going to find out today when I connect the one from my son's truck to my Stang.
All generic codes remained the same on 2011 Fords, you shouldn't have a problem reading any of them. Although the non-generic codes have been changed. But a scan gauge won't read anything but generics.
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