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Originally Posted by RLG34750 View Post
Slap Jr. & tell him to get the facts right

You just can't drive ......
Maybe so, but you know how 5 speeds are......

Quick story from Friday night:

Gearhead ended up staying at the track instead of with our group, so we ended up bringing the food over to the track and eating dinner there. (BTW, no pizza and beer sponsored by Nitto Tire this year. Maybe they found out how crappy their tires are) When we got back to the campsite, we went next door because they had a bonfire, so we all introduced ourselves and we ended up hanging out with those guys. They were a good group, and we asked the usual questions like if they were here last year and stuff. They said that they camped here last year and there was some drunk guy who came up to their fire, and sat down for about 5 minutes and didn't say a word, followed by some guy in a beany. I started laughing hysterically because I know who the 2 characters were. Jr says to the guys, "did it look anything like the knit hat I have on now?" The guys says,"yeah, just like that." Jr says, "yeah, that was me and Henry."

Later on in the night, okay about midnight, Henry and I are feeling pretty happy and we decided that we were hungry. Well Melissa makes some pretty good potato salad-which we left back at the track on Gearhead's trailer. It's about a 5 minute drive through the campground, past the guard/ticket booth, and down to the track. So Henry and I jump on the golf cart not thinking that there is a Security guard at the booth. Henry says, "here, hold my drink so they don't think that I'm drinking too." We pull up to the door, and there is a female security guard there. She opens the door, looks at both of us, and says, "Dudes, what are you doing?" We said," POTATO SALAD!" She just laughed and told us to go through......

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