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Well... I did some troubleshooting over the phone - complete with pictures from her iPhone - and narrowed it down to either the crank sensor or fuel pump. Got the name of a trusted mechanic from a buddy up there and had the car towed there. Turned out to be the fuel pump.
I just have one question. Whose idea was it to put the fuel pump in the dog-gone tank? In my day (and I'm not THAT old) the fuel pump was mounted on the block. Remove the hoses and a couple of bolts, and bolt on the new one. A $30 repair, and about 30 minutes gone. If the pump was electric, it still wasn't inside the tank.
OK. Enough ranting. Her car is back on the road, I found a good mechanic to take care of her car, and a great place here for advice and to swap a story or two.
Thanks for the welcome, and for the troubleshooting advice.

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