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OK,thanks. So I have now tested using the CJB. After pulling one fuse at a time and observing my test light (sorry, I blew up my multimeter at the beginning of these tests) I have noticed about a 1/4 drop in light intensity when pulling fuse F.27 which controls "Radio (18806)". This car still has the factory radio/CD changer combination.

To review, when I pull fuse F1.6 my test light almost goes out (I would guess a 90% drop in intensity). F1.6 controls "Electronic flasher module, Radio (18806), Subwoofer amplifier, front, Subwoofer amplifier, rear".

For the moment I have pulled fuse F2.27, but my test light is still quite bright. What should I test next? I looked, and there is no fuse in F2.9 ("Subwoofer amplifier, front, Subwoofer amplifier, rear").

Thanks again for any help...
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