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at this point im looking at a 6765 billet precision turbo rated at 900hp. Thats crank, and assuming i dont run my boost up to like 35 ill never use the turbos full potential. Im probably gonna keep the boost around 20psi. Same as i had with the 61mm. So i might net a good 30-50hp. Also goin under the assumption that i dont start lifting the heads, or take out a tranny, or rear end. There are a lot of variables that need to be smoothed out. We will get it and the car will be a handful when we do. I can promise that
Actually trying to convince dad the new billet wheel is something that he needs, they are baddddd turbos. An evo on e85 made 800+ hp on a 6765. He wont tho... he likes being turboneticslow

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