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Auto headlights V-6 Answer..

Originally Posted by Gizmo2 View Post
Anyone know how hard it would be to add the Auto headlights option to a V6 Premium? This is driving the wife and I NUTS. I still cannot believe it did not come with it. I would think most of the stuff is there already???
I know exactly what you mean! I purchased a 2010 Mustang V-6 and could not believe they did not add this feature. I took a chance and called Ford dealership and ordered (Auto headlight switch) part for around $35. You will need to ask for the part that fits GT model (not sure model #). When I got home, I pried square display off from bottom with flat head. It came right out. Then there are little clips hold actual round switch in place. Unplug and push it out towards front. Plug in new switch and it will work. I am thrilled that I did this. It would have been so simple for Ford to have done this. Good Luck!


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