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2003 Mustang V6 Very High Idle Help!

I installed a Windstar Intake from VAP Auto back in June and ever since Ive had a couple problems. The first was a cruise control issue that I have since resolved, the second is an unusually high idle. When starting my car, and as long as its in P or N, the idle likes to either surge up to 2,000RPM and even 2,500RPM and stays there, or it creeps up to 2,000/2,200RPM and just hangs. It doesnt do this ALL the time, so Im confused... Also, after Seafoaming my intake through the brake booster, it was nearly gone for a couple weeks, occurring only twice during that time. My current mods are below:

Windstar Intake
65mm GT TB
Spectre CAI filter element
Monza/Pacesetter LT Headers
Monza X-Pipe
Magnaflow cats
Borla Catback on CME tips

Thats pretty much it... Looking for others' opinions... I have no clue on what the problem could be, there is no CEL or SES light, no trouble codes, nothing an OBDII scanner is picking up... Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Also, the car is very pushy. While shifting, while just letting it crawl, etc. For example, while in D, the idle is around 1,000RPM. Shift out of D into R and the car skips and spins a bit cause the idle goes up to 1,500RPM before going into R gear...

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