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02 v6 fuel pump location?????

i got in my car and tried starting it today just to have it start sputtering and cut out unitl it died like it had no fuel. i pulled the filter off and turned the key on to see if the pump was running just to find out it wasnt working i finally found the fuel pump relay under the hood on the driver side and when i pulled it saw that it looked a lil corroded and burnt so i scrapped it clean and the car fired right up. i bought a filter adn pump because it started sputtering again later when driving it. i saw what looks liek a fuel pump right next to the tank under the bumper behind the driver side tire with fuel lines running from it. the one bought at autozone isnt close to the size of the one i saw and the new one comes with a gsaket kit and the guy also said the pump is in the tank..
so far ive been unable to find anythign online showing or telling me where the pump location is..any help would be greatly appreciated guys
its also a 02 3.8 vert if that helps at all

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