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Originally Posted by 02yellowstanggt View Post
I would try replacing the idle air control valve. i had the same type of thing happen on my gt stang. If not try adjusting the idle control screw, should be by the throttle body. When adjust your idle screw, unplug your idle air control valve. If its adjusted right it should almost stall out, or idle very low, like 500 rpms. if its still idling high, adjust the idle screw till your car almost dies when the idle control valve is unplugged and when you plug in your idle air control valve it should bring the rpms up again to normal, hope this help you out.
I will try that on my next day off..

Originally Posted by Markstang690 View Post
i sort of wonder if your throttle or cruise cable is holding it open a little
Can't be, it will high rev even when the TB cable is disconnected... There's so much slack in the cable I rooted that out firsthand...

Originally Posted by StalkerStang View Post
Whats the GT throttle body about? Did you use a 4.6L GT TB or what?
It's a new VAP thing, instead of a 60mm TB, I paid an extra $40 for a larger 65mm GT TB... I will take pictures and post it on this thread so everyone can see my setup

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