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Originally Posted by stang93mustang View Post

My bracket racing friends......Mike, Kaz, Joe.......Hope you guys got new brakes on your Christmas list's so that you can slam on them at the stripe! lol :hihi:
Now see that's just hurtful. Here we were all getting along so nice and enjoying this mother of all threads and you have to slam us poor bracket racers. Anyone with enough money can build a fast car, but to win at brackets you gotta know how to drive.

Don't get me started. Us old farts are cranky enough as it is, and now I have over 4 months with no racing facing me so I'm extra cranky!

OFR - old fart racing

We're not the fastest car at the track but we might be having the most fun.

If you're not having fun, then you're taking this stuff too seriously!
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