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Originally Posted by RLG34750 View Post
For the record a year older than last year this time.......
Oh come on now......that aint no fun! :nogrinner

Originally Posted by RLG34750 View Post
OMG i think hell just froze over.........:myangel
Yea....they are both being [email protected]$$e$

Originally Posted by dragorphan View Post
Port matched heads and intake. The cam is from comp with a .512 lift and comp roller rockers. 10.5 to 1 compression and 2.02 valves. The pistons are speed pro anti-friction coated with custom cut reliefs for the larger valves. 750 cfm carb on a rpm air gap intake. I hope to run low twelves to high elevens. I am building the car to handel more power at a later date without having to redo every thing. It will be quick enough to get started and will get quicker as time and money allow.
Coulda went with a little more cam and ran deep into the 11's.

How muuch does the car weigh?

What trans and gears?

'87 COUPE, DSS 331, AFR 185's, XE282HR Cam, Victor Jr. Intake, Barry Grant Speed Demon 650, Long Tubes, PA Super Comp C4

11.49 @ 119 1.72 60'
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