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Originally Posted by XeroHero View Post
NBK- A few questions:
1. How often do you have to clean those filters?
2. Does the oil ever saturate them?
3. Does your car ever throw error codes or check engine lights due to the lack of a a vacuum on the PVC system.
4. Lastly, do you have to do state emissions inspections and if so do you have any problems passing them?

Sorry for all the questions, just curious. I like your setup and think it's effective, just wondering how it works out for you.
1. I clean them every time I do an oil change.
2. They get some oil on them but not like dripping all over.
3. Nope as long as the holes in the intake and intake tube are plugged its just fine.
4. Yes, I do since the cars registered in NJ right now and it passed for emissions just last week.

Im looking for a different filter style tho, I want ones that will match the filter on the CAI I just ordered :p

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