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Thanks for the replies.
On the T5/T45 you guy are probably right. I had found a link some where that said from my door tag code it was a T45. I cant seem to find the link again and misinformation abounds on the web. I guess I will not be sure till I get the numbers off the transmission tag.
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Thanks for the link. I had been there and D/L the owners manuals. I wish I could find D/L for service manuals. If you know any place that has them free please post i link.
As how I was adjusting my clutch under the car. Like I said it is a used car and the previous owner had done a few mods 5.0 pro shifter, aluminum clutch quadrant,adjustable clutch cable unfortunately not a firewall adjuster. As clean as the pressure plate, throwout bearing ect. look I think a new clutch was installed not long ago. Its like an easter egg hunt as I go thru the car checking things and doing maintenance I keep finding little thing that have been added to the car.
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