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Originally Posted by jsnyng View Post
One day of ~50 miles of spirited driving. I feel better about my purchase already.
I've had my JLT for a few days now but was in no hurry to install it. After seeing what your filter collected after such a short time I decided to finally get off my butt and put mine in as well!

The install was a breeze, just took a 13mm socket to take the 4 nuts off of the factory strut tower brace and a few tugs to remove the plastic engine cover. The JLT's OEM hose fittings snapped on to the factory locations perfectly. Total time to do the entire install was around 10 mins. VERY easy, almost too easy!

I'll post my results with the oil collection after I put some more miles on this separator.

Here's some pics of my install:

My separator had some plastic and metal shavings in it, cleaned it all out then I applied some anti-seize to the threads:
Took the strut tower brace off and plastic engine cover off:

Put the new JLT Oil Separator in:

Then put the engine cover and strut tower brace back on:

Close-up of installed can:

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