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Wow. crazy news. If you hear popping i would get your car checked out. because they found mine. I took her to a mechanic up here in Oklahoma city to get the differential serviced and the guy said the second he drove my car he knew there were problems that needed addressed. Before i left i asked him what he thought and he said my differential bearing or something in the differential is binding up.

I get a call saturday saying my differential is shot, bearings, gears, all that crap is shot. i went up there to look at it and there is a crap load of play in the gears when there should be none. so they have to rebuild my differential. Next, they found a massive leak in my rack and and pinion set. So my steering was jacked apparently and that's why my ps was insanely loud.

So after new rack, differential, labor --- $ 1787.45

Good news is after all the repairs my car will basically run like brand new they said. Engine is in great condition. Car is worth 6,100 once fixed

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