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Originally Posted by BrianE View Post
With respect:
1) The question was "50 state legal header for a 2004 3.8L mustang"
not how to game the system.
2) While the 3.8 and 3.9 are identical except crank and pistons
the VINs are not (a 4 indicates 3.8, while a 6 indicates 3.9 in 6th? digit)
3) The 3.9L has a California Emission Sticker with a 3.9.
No sticker, more paperwork.
4) There is a database, which the Smog Inspector is to compare
the CARB EO# with the engine and VIN.
5) BAR bureau of Automotive Repair) runs checks on the smog stations.

Begin Rant
Remember, California spends is bankrupt with $20 Billion in debt,
spending $350 Billion on California EPA (parent bureau of CARB),
and California wants to spend Billions to save the world from plastic bags.
The state is stupid, but the state is run by the Greenies.
Remember, Greenies want you to ride a bike not drive a polluting car.
(Insert cus words)
End Rant
looks like you sir are living in the wrong state lol

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