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Alright, thanks for clearing up the tail-pipe water.
And yes I have an automatic transmission.

Tomorrow I will go by Advance Auto Parts and see about getting some transmission fluid, I may need to wait on the power steering sealing as money is rather tight.

Also I was told by someone I should get a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix ( Advance Auto Parts: Transmission Fix by Lucas Oil Products - Part 10009 )

Due to a couple things- when I shift from R to D and other gears there is usually a ~1.5 second pause to shift, a good enough time for me to roll a bit before I can press the gas to go.
And recently once while I was driving, I stopped for a truck turning in front of me, then when I pushed on the gas there was a good ~1.5 second delay then the car jumped. I don't recall if the engine revved up normally before it jumped.

I just want to know if fixing the transmission fluid level will sort this out before I buy a $12 fixer.
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