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Originally Posted by Jenn6078 View Post
thanks for your help. There aren't any lights on. So thats been checked. How would I check for vacuum leaks? I live way out in the country, that's why I'm trying to check the stuff before I chance driving into town. And the MAF?
to check look at all the hoses around engine and make sure they are still attached or they may be barly on the nib and you need to put them back on, i once was told you can take some kind of spray and squirt a little around the end of the hose and the engine will rev up if it can get in (hence a vacuum leak) not sure what it was though i think maybe carbcleaner idk for sure ask someone about that, its not bad to change the fuel filter, if you have the right tool for the job otherwise it is a PITA
Ford Motorcraft Mustang OEM Fuel Filter - Video Installation Instructions at
this will show you how, he has an older stang but the undersides are the same, i've done this before and used this vid lol

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