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The headlights have been working intermittently, more working than not. My daughter called told me they did not work once when she got in the car an pulled them on so she shut off he car, started it again and the lights worked. Then another night she pulled them on and they did not work and re-starting the car did not fix it. So she was driving home holding the bright lights on with the multi-function switch. While at a light she got tired of holding the lever back, let go and the headlights were on. After that the lights have been working fine.

So today I go and work on the car. I cleaned three ground wires on the radiator core support and I pull out the headlight switch. When I pulled out the switch I think I found the problem. The blue wire with the orange stripe was loose in the plastic holder that clips onto the switch. I pulled the wire out and it looked fine it just is not staying in the plastic holder. So I clipped it back on the switch and made sure the wired was pushed onto the switch and put it back together.

It seems to be working for now.

Thanks again for you help,
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