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Gas/Throttle Pedal Adjustment

Owner of a stock V6 2000 Mustang. I've always noticed that my gas pedal was too low, and I thought it was just my car getting a little older. The gas pedal doesn't have much clearance. I don't even have to floor the throttle but it will start rubbing the interior carpet. I just looked at my friend's 2003 V6, and his throttle is the same way. Not much clearance at all... and it's much lower than the other two pedals. What's the best way to adjust the pedal so I get a little more travel and a little more clearance? I've noticed that the throttle cable is attached to the spring/pedal assembly. Can I adjust it from this end or should I adjust the throttle cable from the engine side?

On the topic... I'd like to give my Mustang a sportier feel. It has 75K miles on it now, so I probably don't want to put too much money in performance upgrades, but I'd like to maybe shorten the clutch and shifter throw. What's the best way to do that? I know they sell kits for other cars, just not too familiar with the Mustang aftermarket.

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