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Originally Posted by SwapMeet
Thanks for the input. I was already thinking washers and spacers when I first looked at the way the throttle linkage was set up, but I guess I was looking for a more... elegant solution, perhaps? But hey, it'll work, so I'll probably do the nylon spacer/zip tie route. As for the Tri-ax shifter, I read an article that said it was only GT and up models. Do they make a Tri-ax for the V6?

Lastly, is there anything we can do about the long clutch travel? My girlfriend's miata has a short little clutch, as does my dad's 2004 350Z. I probably a huge lower back muscle on my left side from plunging down on that thing all day.

i did the same thing mustangdewd and monkyboy did just recently, went under the dash and took up most of the slack with two tie straps. it's so easy and works great with my short travel clutch pedal. to adj. the clutch pedal i bought a steeda clutch adj. and cable for my '94....for my '00 i'm gonna get one off ebay for half the price. that will allow you to adj. but you will have to buy an mm clutch adj. kit or do what i did for dirt cheap. if you want more info you can pm me.

for a shorter throw, i cut and welded the shifter handle, but ended up replacing the entire shifter cause it was leaking bad at 140,000 miles. i installed a steeday tri-ax shifter and it works awesome! now the throttle pedal, clutch pedal and shifter have a very nice feel and work great together. the shifter for the v8s with the t-5 trans is the same as the v6...trans.
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