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Where to Find a New or Used 1996 Mustang Seatbelt

I own a 1996 V6 Manual Mustang. I also have a Siberian Husky who loves to chew on things. You probably know where this is going. He was riding in my car a couple of months ago and decided that it was a good idea to chew up my driver's side seat belt. It is still in working condition, but it looks terrible and I am afraid that if I get stopped I may get a ticket for it. Anyways I have been looking on eBay and Amazon and DallasMustang to find a new one, but I can't find one to save my life. I would really just like to find someone who is parting one out, so I could get one cheap, but I really just need to find one. If anyone has any idea where I can find one then please let me know.

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