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exactly. The throttle linkage is a small wire that is pretty strong but with enough weight application you can either pull it too hard or wear the wire down after excessive "gunning" and stretching the wire out a bit which would possibly put you back where you started when yuo didnt have a raised pedal hehe.

I heard stories of a kid just totally ripping the throttle linkage out of the ignition which is hard enought to do this kid was an obvious idiot. he drove a civic
Needless to say the scary part is that he had to line a new throttle linkage with correct length through his car, no fun

you can gun it but when it stops don't keep pushing or so try to guage where it is and hold it there. or if you want to be really creative find out how much slack there is before it stops and just readjust the filled gap so it when you gun it you'll still hit the floor to stop yourself but in the vacinity of where the throttle linkage ends.
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