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You should be able to take off the bottom heat cover under the hood and find bolts to unscrew, on my 94 thats how i got to remove my fake vents to repaint the hood. But I don't think it will look any better.

You can buy a smaller antenna or cut yours for a better look. You can Raise the gas pedal for better throttle response and heal toe shifting by simply raising the gas pedal with you hand and filling in the gap of the throttle linkage to the gas pedal with something solid liek zip ties. Go to a junk yard and get a GT rear sway bar for better handeling, remove the rear seats to take out some weight. other weight drops are like buying an aluminum drive shaft and etc. small lil upgrades include roller rockers, pullies, intake. and i think you have exhaust already if im not mistaken

here;s my work on rasing the gas pedal it's a little hard to explain what to do

that's all i got for now.

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