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1994 Mustang V6 Convertible Engine Swap Options?

Proposition I: I have a 1994 Mustang convertible.

Proposition II: The engine in it now is the 3.8l V6. It has at least 201,000miles on it, but the odometer stopped working with a previous owner.

Proposition III: I want to extend the lifetime of this vehicle as far as is possible.

I honestly don't know too much about the car. I think the Tranny may be rebuilt and there are definitely quite a few other new-ish things in there. I just got it from a friend of the family, who got it from a guy, who got it from a dealer. It runs fine. The car pulls a little to the right, and the brakes, although new, are having a little issue pulling it to the left. Other than that, the car runs, gets pretty good gas mileage, and all the aesthetics work.

My question is: Should I be nervous about how long this car will last. Its clearly over 200k, so if the motor has that many miles on it, its well past its prime. Should I look into a new engine, and if so which? What will be the pros and the cons?

My Goals: I want a car that gets, at least, 18mpg as this will likely be a daily driver. However, I am a dude... and I want to cut up from time to time. So, I want something that's got mad nuts... ya dig?

I don't know what else I should have included, but I can answer any questions.

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