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Originally Posted by Woostang View Post
im guessing you didnt read my first post, im GETTING a turbo. That was the main reason i bought it. I installed and set up a dyno time and then a week after that got it dyno'd. Just to see the difference in numbers between full bolt ons and then with turbo at 8psi. Ive had this car for about a year and a half now and only 2 weeks has it seen throttle body -.- im not retarded. It was on sale on American Muscle so i desided to get it because im going to need it when i get the turbo, so i saved a little money in the process. Going to save as much money as i can because there is going to be about $6000 thats about to be thrown into my V6

Still doesn't matter... shiner made 601rwhp on his stock throttle body his car being a 1998.

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