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Originally Posted by iwanagofast2010 View Post
You don't like the exhaust?? I've heard the weak factory 2010.... lets be real here. The 2011's sounds fifty times better. But yet you talk down about the all new 2011 Mustang GT featuring the new 5 liter dohc 32 valve V8 with the latest innovations in variable cam timing? But yet you still want one.:smoke:
Lets be real here. the worst thing about the 2011's are the exhaust notes "featuring the all new 5 liter dohc 32 valve v8" hell the old fox bodies through 2010 sound better. my 370z sounds better and i hate v6 exhaust notes. the tone and coarseness of the 2011 gt just dont do the car justice for the "new 5 liter dohc 32 valce V8"... I just like repeating that since it must be cool.

on a side note the digital readout is pretty cool. and the scanguage that someone posted is a very nice diagnostic tool. not to be confused with the tool known as i wanagofast2010.

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