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Originally Posted by reynitababy View Post
So it doesn't really matter if you get either core if u plan on replacing all forged and upgraded?

And what is GSS? I'd actually like to learn the craft u know? I'm sure all the BIG TIME mechanics might say it's extremely difficult but I know how to read and am mechanically inclined and I got you guys(right???). That's actually part of the reason I want to do this?

About the 5.0 never gave that any thought? I'll research that.

Now when I get a core what do I look for? Will almost any core do? Or do I have to be aware of certain things?
I can care less who you get your motor from because all 3 put out great products. However, I do care about how your enthusiasm takes precedence over reality. Engine builders and engine assemblers are 2 different people, let alone machine shops putting an honest effort into prepping the block correctly for your build. They just don't understand to put effort into a V6 because they consider it a "grocery getter." I have horror stories on how people decided to build it themselves, or how his "buddy with a pretty fast Honda" was going to build it for him. Even Jr tried to talk him out of it on the phone. Guess what? The motor ate itself up within a month, and all he has now is 5 pistons, 5 rods, and an unusable burnt crank. We tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen. The thing smoked like a freight train because the rings were not filed properly, and the bearing clearances were too tight so it starved itself for oil. He could have spent $3,200+ shipping with us and got a built bottom end with ARP main studs that would have lasted. But no, he ended up spending $2,800 on it with Ford main bolts, and only got to drive it for a month. He called me, apologized, and told us that he was better off having us do it, but now he doesn't have the money to start over.....

What you read in a Haynes/Chilton's manual will only get you so far. The spec's that they have in there and the spec's for a performance motor are totally different. You cannot get that from reading, you get that through engine building knowledge. Our partner has been building race motors for 30 years. Everything from pump gas to alcohol burners. Tried, true, tested-that's the way we roll....

I'm not trying to scare you, I just want you to know the facts before you go through what he did. Money is hard earned, and I don't want you to be discouraged if you have to build one twice......

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