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100% Sir. I feel what ur saying and believe me I am extremely open minded about this process. I am mindful of the consequences if I were to screw something up and the money involved.

However, I'd really like to take charge in this and build an engine. I just really hate paying people to do work for me because 99% of them are going to take shortcuts and not put the effort in that they would put in their own. Plus if something happens I'd like to know what's going on so I could fix it.:yelpleased:

Now I agree that I am not even close to having the experience you have but yet and still I believe I have the capability to do almost anything and that includes engine building. I may sound naive but are you sure that I won't be able to do this?

Seriously; must one have years of experience to build an engine or can one take his or her own time and pay attention to detail and do this properly?
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