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1.) If you [attempt] to build a forged essex v6 , after reading your post I'm going to give you about a 93% failure rate. I've done it, motor in my car is hand built, has been overreved to 7k, and handles it quite nicely. Its my Daily and besides stupid coil packs its only seen oil changes, radiator flushes, and gasoline.

2.) The problem with building this motor is, you can't just look up tolerances and clearances, you have to be "in the know" like tom said.

3.) If you attempt to do this on your own realize its a 25-3500$ "oh ****", I had my motor ready to go in the car and was going "hmm, wait I did plastigauge , damn it" and ripped it apart just to double check everything.

4.) If you want to try and build a motor here is a good idea for you. Go to a JY and grab a 4.2 short block. Remove the pistons, pins, rods, bearings, cam bearings, etc. Buy all new parts (reuse the crank, piston, rods) Try and rebuild a stock 4.2, that way its only 4-600$ mistake. A rebuilt stock 4.2, with ported heads and intakes and a turbo, procharger, vortech, or m112 setup will make you 350hp.

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FS: 94-04 heads, cams, ported intakes.
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