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Originally Posted by shinerstang View Post
I think what Morana was trying to do is legit. He's not a scam artist. And I don't care how much you think you know, if it wasn't for people like him, we wouldn't have half the V6 technology that we do. As far as the pulley setup, all you need to do is run the serpentine belt from the opposite side of the motor for it to spin backwards. Yes, you need an 8 rib setup, but that's a given with either an M90 or M112.......
His box intake seems legit... I give him credit for that. And maybe he pioneered some na h/c/i combos. My hats off to him for that too.

What exactly do you mean "opposite side of the motor?" Also how are you going to drive the SC pulley when it lands several inches inboard of the regular serpentine pulley? Right smack dab where all your accessory brackets are?

Cobbling together some junkyard parts just enough to take some pics and not even have it functional...... that's hardly "new technology." This is probably my favorite example.......(click link) $1200 for this!? Clearly this is just a hunk of billet just sitting there and nothing at all is drilled. How functional is the center TB going to be? LOL. What kind of transition will the air be making with the other TBs?

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