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Originally Posted by metalman302 View Post
No, he didn't. Anyone who is first hand familiar with the sc engines would clearly see that. I've personally wrenched on at least 10 of these engines. You can see it bolted onto the factory bolt boss on the Morana page. Feel free to google a pic and reference the position of the blower to the water outlet.

Why are you like defending/jocking this guy though?

Half this custom **** he appears to be selling for big $ will NOT work. If it can somehow be made to work, it will take major additional fab work to the extent that you may as well start from scratch. Wouldn't you be pissed if you bought something you thought was a bolt on and you find out you have just a small piece of the puzzle? Theres people on ebay who have sold just the T-bird sc M90 blower and manifold without the other 80% of the system and lie their ass off and claim it to be a simple bolt on. It makes me rage.

Maybe Morana would not actually process an order for these. Maybe he would fully explain to any potential customers that major fab work would be necessary. Maybe he thought these concoctions would bring traffic and attention to his site. I would love for him to chime in here.
I own a Supercoupe, and I'm very familiar on how it works. If you want to spin an accessory in a reverse rotation, you need to do 1 of 2 things. Either add a smooth pulley, which is not an option here, or take a longer belt and run it from the other side of the motor.

Think of it this way, on the V6's, it goes from crank,ps, alt, idler, AC, tensioner, backside waterpump, and back to crank. If you wanted to spin the alternator in a different direction, you would go crank, ps, idler, AC, tensioner, alt, crank. There are a few logistics to figure out, but you get the idea on how to spin accessories differently......

He also might be selling it because he can't figure it out, or doesn't have the time to, but was hoping someone would......

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