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A couple quick things:

Morana puts that disclaimer there because there are idiots who do not listen, and screw up their car and try to blame it on him. Some of the guys here know the horror stories the GSS goes through.
How about someone paying $7000.00 for a motor, installing it, not priming it because he didn't read the provided instructions, driving it down the road only to blow it up because it was not oiling? Who's fault would that be? This did not happen to us, but it happened to one of the other companies out there.

Okay, now in your diagrams, take the whole left side of the belt diagram off, add a pulley to center of the diagram, then swap around pullies or add a pulley and bracket somewhere to reverse rotate you SC. On our cars, we have deleted the PS, AC, and tensioner. We removed the 6-rib tensioner pulley and put the pulley on the idler bracket.

Do not forget, we can fab up just about anything, it is just about time/money/knowledge. Nobody ever said anything about keeping all the accessories or creature comforts, nor did we say it was going to be installed on a daily driver.

I know Vortech/Procharger wanted their units to be as plug and play as possible because most people are not mechanics, but wanted a supercharger. They also need to consider that most wanted a supercharger and creature comforts. Not everybody plays by those rules......

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