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Originally Posted by stang93mustang View Post
Uuuumm excuse me.......I posted the smart car video about 4 months ago! lol:hihi:

The mini van video was in Joliet.
I know... it still qualifies for this thread too.

Of course, if I really wanted to be a "repeat offender" I could hit up 5.0 Tech with a question about E cams, or 2005-2010 Talk with a 101st post asking which 2005-2009 is better, but I'd have to change my username to AndrewH for it to count... or I could post a 3v 4.6 question in 2v 4.6 tech... or... I could just do this!

YouTube - Muncie Dragway New best ET ford fairmont wheel stand

Another sleeper.

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