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Same problem I had....

Originally Posted by figuec56 View Post
Alright I have been having a couple of differnt issues. None of them major. yet. After i Have driven the car enought o get the temp guage warm, Turn it off and try and restart it it takes forever to start. About 3-4 seconds of cranking. It will do this periodicly whent he engine is cold. I have found no connection with the weather. I have Checked my battery, alternator, and starter. All check out. I had them checked out at the Ford Dealership, Autozone, AAA, and Advance Auto. All Say the same thing. The only thing is the alternator guage seems a little high. I included of picture of it. The spark plugs are new and properly gapped and so are the wires, PCV Valve, Air filter, Fuel Filter. I have had all the fluids flushed. After i change the oil its almost clear on the dipstick. I have no clue what else could be wrong. Any Ideas
I was having exact same problem before mine just never started again! Before it went completely out, I had a dead cell in my batt, but had it & cable leads replaced, for it to come back a few days later doing same thing. It sat for a few days & never fired back up. If you haven't checked the inertia (fuel shut-off switch) switch yet (mine was located in trunk, driver side behind wall, near rear lamps), do so. There should be a hole there so you can press red button down to reset it (normal position). Also, I'm investigating recalls on my year Mustang ('98-V6-3.8 L) for fuel pump, fuel line problems, before putting all my coins into this car. Thanks for sharing, hope this was helpful.
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