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Originally Posted by wmburns View Post
Double check for any vacuum leaks. Don't cut corners here. Even a small leak can cause problems.

Make sure the battery and battery cables are in good repair. Clean and tight. Battery fully charged.

Try cycling the key on/pause/off a couple of times before cranking. Does this improve starting?

If so, the problem could be fuel pressure leak down.

Next try holding the throttle half way open. Does this improve starting? If so, suspect a bad IAC.

The dash gauge is a visual idiot light. The position means almost nothing for most of the gauges (except temperature and fuel). If you are concerned, measure the voltage with a real VOM meter. Or better yet, have the alternator tested for output and excessive AC ripple. Most autoparts store will do it for free. But since this has already been done, likely it's just "normal" for your car.
I have tried the throttle halfway no differnce. As well as the battery is good and the connectors are tight and clean. I have also pused the ingition before continuing. No differnce. The only theing left to check is the vac system. Ill let you guys know

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