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Originally Posted by Markstang690 View Post
first off dont do that.. simply replacing parts is a bad idea... this guy had a similar problem once and attributes every similar problem to the same cause.. which is probably not the case. troubleshoot the problem before replacing stuff.

you have it worded backwards but we know what you mean.. it cranks( meaning the starter makes it turn) but doesnt turn over (explosions arent taking place in the cylinders to turn on its own)..

just to be clear.. it doesn't run at all anymore?

to run an engine you need air, fuel and spark.. if the IAC(idle air control) valve doesnt open when starting up, its not getting the air it needs.. try starting while pressing the gas a little (about half throttle) if it starts while doing this but dies after releasing the gas, check, clean and replace if necessary the IAC valve..

the motor sound you hear before cranking the car is the fuel pump, it comes on for 3 seconds to build the pressure in the lines before starting. have to make sure its providing the correct pressure in the fuel lines so you'll need a gauge to attach to the fuel rail. you'll need to get back to us what the lines prime to, and what the pressure does as it cranks..

then check that there are sparks being sent to the sparkplugs (probably a good idea to check that the plugs are clean and not fouled or anything)..

it didnt by any chance start squeaking horribly when it started running poorly did it?.. but first check fuel air and spark.. then we'll worry about the spark and fuel timing
No, haven't changed anything yet, just wanted to price it so IF I need it I would know the cost. I got the phase (won't crank) from others, but thanks for the "breakdown" I got it now! You are correct, no longer starts up (engine won't run), but cranks. It's been about a month or so and I haven't tried to jump-start it because batt is brand new. I tried pressing the gas a little while starting it, but that didn't work either. I was in the process of troublshooting the PCM. Once I'm done there, will move on to the other steps you mentioned above, in that order. As far as any noise anywhere = none. Whatever it was acting up, just finally died. This is very helpful info, will let you know what I find out...may be a few days, but I will post findings. Thanks again!:yelpleased:
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